Parent Involvement in Education

Parents at Nexus Academy are highly involved with and included in their learners’ academic goals and progress, and parents often have just as much influence on their learners’ achievement as teachers. Nexus Academy makes it easy for parents to get involved in student learning. Our teachers and Success Coaches value and help facilitate a high level of communication and feedback between themselves and parents, and our online tools keep parents up to date on learner progress. The result of this parent involvement in education is a powerful support system to help Nexus Academy learners flourish.

Partners for Learner Success

Improved grades and test scores, higher graduation rates, and greater enrollment are only some of the benefits of parental involvement in our schools, in addition to increased social and emotional strength. Nexus Academy gives parents a variety of opportunities to partner in their child’s education.

Teachers and Success Coaches are readily available to meet with parents online or in person as needed. And with Connexus®, our online education management system, parents can view grades, test results, and attendance anytime, plus easily message Nexus Academy staff.


Meet Debbie Hudson

“Nexus Academy has definitely made an improvement in our home. We no longer search for lost papers or question what an assignment is or when it is due.” — Debbie

Debbie Hudson’s daughter is a student at Nexus Academy of Indianapolis. Debbie shares her daughter’s story below.

“Nexus Academy has been a blessing for me and my daughter. She was ill during her freshman year and into her sophomore year, so she was on extended leave and under a doctor’s care. She was falling behind and becoming discouraged about her education and her plan to graduate in 2015. As a single mom who has multiple sclerosis and struggles with my own daily issues, I was worried about how I was going to be able to help her achieve her goals for graduation and college.

We began looking for alternatives. Seeing the commercial about gave me hope. I had read about other online options for high school, but I felt that self-discipline could be a problem and that social interaction with other teens would be missing.

Luckily, as the first day of traditional school was drawing near, a mail piece came that invited us to an open house at Nexus Academy. I immediately began to explore the Nexus Academy website to find out more about this tuition-free online public school opportunity. I thought, ‘Is this the answer we had been searching for?’ After my daughter and I reviewed the website, we both felt that this opportunity may be just what we needed.

We attended the open house and liked the location, the safety features of the building, and the open, bright study areas. Our first impression was going very well, starting with the attractive mail piece and the informative website. Then, we were welcomed to Nexus Academy and were introduced to the program, schedules, and options for students—with open discussion. Next, we heard about the Success Coach (what a positive term) and the on-site principal, teachers, guidance counselor, and staff that would be available for students and their parents. This didn’t seem so different from traditional schooling. I was certainly now more open to online education. My daughter said, ‘Yes, enroll me here.’

Enrolling was a smooth process, made easy by personable staff. We enrolled, and the rest is history. We have found Nexus Academy to be the answer to our prayers. Regular school hours give us the sense of scheduling, but there’s flexibility with time to complete homework, which we need because of health issues.

Nexus Academy has definitely made an improvement in our home. We no longer search for lost papers or question what an assignment is or when it is due. The online education management system allows me to keep up with my daughter’s grades and assignments on a daily basis.

Our experience has been nothing but successful, and we thank Nexus Academy for coming to Indianapolis, Indiana.”