Nexus Academy, with its blended learning approach, allows our high school learners to maximize their potential in and out of the classroom, which is particularly beneficial for our students who come from a variety of backgrounds and have a variety of needs and goals.

Learners work with certified teachers and Success Coaches to fulfill personalized learning models that keep them engaged while providing flexibility. This personalized approach empowers learners to meet their academic goals while pursuing their interests, part-time jobs, internships, athletics, family responsibilities, and more.

Does blended learning work? The proof is in the kids. Whether they’re accelerating their course work or getting extra help with their studies, our learners have the opportunity to excel personally and academically, and that’s exactly what they do. Click the links to the left and meet a few learners who have achieved success at school and in their lives.

Flexibility Meets Accountability

Learners resonate with the Nexus Academy model because it flexibly adapts to their personal learning needs and goals. Additionally, our learners set, achieve, and often exceed their academic goals because they have the tools they need to be accountable for their own progress—whatever their learning style may be.

Our engaging curriculum contains frequent built-in assessments that let students, teachers, Success Coaches, and parents see, performance results in real time. The Connexus® grade book provides 24/7 reporting and also stores past tests and exercises so results are available to review online anytime. What’s more, Nexus Academy teachers use this data to personalize instruction for students and to help them focus on the necessary next steps to achievement.

Our formula of assessment tools, constant evaluation, and close communication, combined with our quality curriculum, empowers students to take charge of their lives and their learning. That’s important for success both during high school and after graduation.

Learner Testimonials

“This format works well for me because it is a challenge. I actually feel as though I really earn the grades I am getting.”
– Jaina Cox

I’ve learned how to focus on what I need to do each day so I don’t fall behind. My teachers make working on my own a lot easier.”
– Tylene Hampton

“Nexus Academy is the full package, and I feel that I’ll be well prepared for college.”
– Hayden Thomas