Dedicated and Caring On-Site or Online Facilitators

At the heart of Nexus Academy you’ll find our facilitators (what we call teachers) — caring experts who lead both in the physical and in the virtual classroom. These certified, full-time professionals are specially trained to bring out the best in learners in a blended learning environment.

On-site at the Nexus Academy campus, our face-to-face English and math facilitators use data from the rich online curriculum to tailor their instruction to each learner’s needs. No lecturing in front of a classroom full of forward-facing, bored-to-sleep teens for them — instead, our Nexus Academy teachers work with learners in dynamically organized small groups focused on specific skills and concepts.

Nexus Academy also provides online science, social studies, and electives facilitators as well, who dedicate themselves to customizing the virtual classroom for learners. Just like our on-site classroom teachers, virtual facilitators use data from our blended learning students’ performance in the curriculum to do small-group, real-time instruction via our LiveLesson® virtual classroom technology.

Having fresh and reliable performance data on-hand at all times allows our on-site and virtual facilitators to provide the right degree of challenge or assistance specifically to meet each student’s needs and goals; and the right amount of personal attention and tutoring to help them set and meet their goals.