Clubs and Activities

Making Friends While Learning

While the Nexus Academy of Indianapolis campus already lends itself to healthy socialization by including on-site clubs and blended learning classrooms, our online clubs and activities engage nearly every interest from robotics to literature.

These online clubs and activities let students get to know peers from Nexus Academy and Connections Academy schools all over the country. Club members meet regularly, learn about their hobbies, and even compete in club contests together. There are also a variety of in-person clubs and activities, which vary by school. Participating is a positive experience that lets students nurture their interests, as well as develop new friendships.

Art Club
Art Club sparks students’ creativity by exploring two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, photography, and graphic design. Students are exposed to the nuances of each medium and have the opportunity to create and share their own creative designs. This art club features LiveLesson® sessions during which students share artwork with peers and provide feedback on the artwork of other students.

Book and Digital Storytelling Club
The Book and Digital Storytelling Club helps bring storytelling to the 21st century. Participants come together each month to share their favorite book titles or series with each other during live, online meetings. The club facilitator guides and encourages student interaction in the live meetings and online forums. Using a variety of digital tools, students have an opportunity to incorporate pictures and audio into their original tales. Students can also share their stories and collaborate with peers to give critiques, create round robin stories, and discuss favorite genres. The Book and Digital Storytelling Club is open to students in all grade levels.

Brainteasers Club
The Brainteasers Club is all about critical thinking and problem solving for online high school students. Club members engage in a variety of brainteasers such as anagrams, pattern puzzles, logic stories, Sudoku puzzles, and word searches. To take it to the next level, students are challenged to create their own brainteasers, and an opportunity for sharing and feedback is provided through Connexus®, our education management system.

Broadcast and Theater Arts Club
Students in our online school Broadcast and Theater Arts Club learn about choreography, tech crew, and set design for on- and off-Broadway productions. Working both individually and collaboratively, students are encouraged to write their own plays. Students also learn about the history and trends in broadcast media, exploring the print, audio, and video mediums. LiveLesson sessions provide opportunities for students to share their theatrical talents as well as segments similar to those on television news magazines.

Chess Club
In online Chess Club, members learn, socialize, and play in an atmosphere of friendly competition. After completing a tutorial, students are matched with competitors of the same skill level. Then, using our exclusive online chess system, the online games begin. Students can even participate in our annual tournament using the Connections Academy online gaming site.

College Planning Club
This online club, designed for students who are interested in college, guides members through the college preparation and admissions process, and also discusses college planning, building a resume, identifying career interests and potential majors, researching colleges, completing applications, and identifying financial aid and scholarship opportunities. LiveLesson® sessions and Message Boards provide support and encourage discussion as participants develop a portfolio that includes elements sought by college admissions committees. Members take part in a variety of college planning and career prep activities to prepare for the future.

Debate Club
Debate Club students learn the arts of public speaking and critical thinking. Participation in this online club allows high school students to socialize and build friendships with teammates while collaborating and sharing ideas. Club members build their individual abilities to reason and employ analytical thinking as they strive to understand all the possible arguments about the week’s topic. Each group’s decisions, research, and presentation tactics help determine which side is deemed most convincing. Facilitators help students gauge the impact of current events, develop position statements, support arguments, think analytically, abide by debate rules, and become comfortable with friendly discussion in a virtual environment.

First-Generation Student Club
Designed for students who aspire to be the first in their families to graduate from college, this club provides mentoring, advice, and personal development activities to help them understand, plan, and prepare for the college application and admissions process. First-Generation Club members will learn about college admissions requirements and how they differ from high school graduation requirements, the importance of extracurricular activities, and how to build a student resume. Interest inventories will be used, and members will learn how to research colleges based upon their identified interests and majors. The college application process will be reviewed; members will learn how to complete applications. Finally, financial aid and scholarship opportunities will be introduced, and members will learn more about the resources and support offered to first-generation students. LiveLesson sessions and Message Boards support and encourage discussion as members develop a portfolio that includes elements sought by college admissions committees.

Gaming and Technology Club
Students who have an affinity for technology and gaming explore and discuss gaming styles and genres, learn of careers in the gaming and technology industry, and share their original work during LiveLesson® sessions online. Individual and collaborative projects may include creating elements of video games and investigating Internet safety and cyber threats.

Movie Club
Members learn about film genres, acting, special effects, and musical compositions centered around monthly themes. High school student film buffs gain opportunities to demonstrate their creativity and collaborate with others to create their own movies as part of a virtual showcase.

Music Club
Students who enjoy performing, composing, or listening to music explore various musical genres, lyrics, and instruments. Members have opportunities to collaborate with others and exercise their creativity by designing their own musical instruments or participating in a virtual showcase and talent show.

Pen Pals Club
Pen Pals Club is a new twist on a classic way to build friendships. Students develop their skills in letter writing, written expression, and penmanship, while making friends with other Nexus Academy and Connections Academy students online.

Poetry Corner
Poetry Corner challenges middle and high school students with various advanced poetic forms. Students learn how to convey ideas, situations, and feelings in inventive and original ways. Lessons teach students how to communicate ideas using metaphors, similes, and imagery. Students are encouraged to share their poetry twice a month during LiveLesson sessions as well as in online forums.

Quiz Bowl Club
High school whiz kids test their knowledge of fun facts in the Quiz Bowl Club with Connections Academy and other Nexus Academy students. Trivia questions are presented by level in the form of a weekly academic competition. Winners are identified by state and grade.

Robotics Club
Robotics Club guides students through the exciting world of robots. Students define what a robot is (and what it isn’t!), study the myths that surround robots, examine how robots are used in movies and stories, and consider how robots assist humans. Experts in the field of robotics help high school students learn more about artificial intelligence and what the future holds for humans and machines.

Students focus on the origins, applications, and latest trends in robotics and learn how robots are built and controlled. They then move to exciting group challenges where they try to make a robot successfully complete a task. No previous computer coding experience is required, and no materials are required for participation.

Participation in tournaments and use of LEGO® Mindstorms robot kits occurs at some schools but is not a part of the Connections Education Robotics Club managed by the Student Experience team.

Science Club
Science Club gives students hands-on experience working with the scientific method, planning experiments, and observing the world in which we live. This online club encourages members to identify the ways science affects their lives and their community. Students are taught the proper components of a science fair presentation so they can compete in a local science fair or share their project with other club members at the end of the school year.

Sports Club
Students who enjoy athletics explore a variety of sporting activities from around the world. Our online members discuss the similarities and differences of seasonal sports and have the opportunity to learn about training techniques and fitness programs. Students also use Activity Tracker to document personal fitness habits and athletic routines.

Student Literary Magazine: Pens and Lens
This monthly web-based literary magazine recognizes and publishes original student work online. This recognition encourages and inspires others to pursue both writing and photography.

Student Newspaper Club: The Monitor
The Monitor is student-managed, student-staffed monthly newspaper produced by Connections Academy and Nexus Academy students. As they work together, students learn about group dynamics, organizational strategies, and team-building exercises while researching, writing, and editing stories on current events, sports, entertainment, and fashion.