The Curriculum

Our vision is to use project-based and social-emotional learning concepts to inspire and motivate lifelong learners with the skills they need to lead in the 21st century. We incorporate technology into every component of our curriculum, and we value and encourage development of leadership skills by inspiring confidence and character in each of our unique learners.

For our learners to succeed, they must feel at home in the world, and this requires a firm grounding in the arts, humanities, and sciences — and a strong foundation in social and emotional development. We believe there is an implicit, as well as an explicit, curriculum to teach, and our goal is nothing short of shaping learners who change the world.

At Nexus Academy, we foster an open, innovative learning environment that promotes a deeper understanding of curriculum and celebrates independent critical thinking, cooperation, and the development of crucial 21st century skills.


Our customized learning courses provide a solid foundation in the core high school subjects for a variety of skill levels, all using Nexus Academy’s proven personalized learning approach.
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Honors and AP
Excelling learners have every opportunity to stay challenged and prepare for college with our wide array of advanced courses that build knowledge in their favorite subjects and enhance their transcripts.
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From Chinese to Game Design, Nexus Academy offers elective courses in a learner’s personalized learning program where they can explore a wide variety of interests and grow in these areas.
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Career Technical Education
Career-minded learners can start exploring their fields now with a program that combines classwork, technical education, and real-world experience.
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